Mangrove Madness and Red Snapper Happiness!

Those well anticipated flat seas and a strong fish bite (with the right bait of course) has really kept the good times a flowing here in Biloxi, Ms. aboard the Charter Boat WhipaSnapa.Was a pleasure to entertain Jay, Rosemary and Ashley Scott on a few hr. light tackle early week.The family had some nice fish, mostly the black drum kept the smiles apparent, but the Georgia crew had several different fish pullin them strings for some pretty steady action.. The Clarks from Arkansas had the combo trip booked mid week. Started the couple out with some really nice trout and ground mullet, a couple flat fish (flounder) also slipped up on the couple and brought out some cheers. Then we made the short an sweet lil ride to the barrier Islands to play with the sharks, thats where it got good…great time for sure!!!Now for the seriously X-treme offshore BIG WATER ADVENTURES!!!!! Mr. Jeremy McGee and friends played a very good game of Tug of War. Although the Snappers did win a few rounds, this crew was serious…some of you that don’t know the Snapper, well them red’s or grey’s have a knack for running around the rig leg or wreck to set themselves free.. So once you hook up you better be gaining some line an in a hurry. That is were the PULL UP REEL DOWN tactic (frequently heard on the whipasnapa) comes in handy, and like now.. or you will never see the fish.
And for the Big mangrove, are in a league of their own. (One Bad Son Gun). If your rod ever tilts forward from point of hookset and the least amount of line slips off the spool, well its over!!! That Mangrove will win. This seems to lead to what is referred to as (mangrove madness–Stomping of the feet– Almost swearing!!! That and the fact just getting one to hit is a challenge. And when one does hit you better have ya game face on.. literally just a tug of war to pull him out the rig.. One of my favorite fish to battle along with cobia, red snapper, tuna, king an so on. Guess its all good..
James Smith’s crew and Don Ketner’s crew also enjoyed catching loads of red snapper but we were pretty much only keeping the 10+lbers an above….. With a few reaching about 17-18 lbs……The crews were averaging 20 to 35 mangrove also with several reaching the 9 to 10lb… and most averaging 4lb or so really had the anglers on their toes for a solid 5 to 6hr. fishing extravaganza.!
Really some great trips last week. About the same schedule this week, so stay tuned or come on down, hop aboard that ol’ WhipaSnapa and set your smile free!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel