Mangrove madness; Cobia happiness!!

Felt good to get that 4 a.m. start again and head out into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico for an
all day battle of the beast aboard the WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT. Loaded as we always are,
bout 80 select croakers, and 50lb pogey’s, knew bait would not be the prob. But 1st stop we
topped off the live wells with a few hard tails for the Amberjack. First rig we tied to for a while
to do battle, it was on. Let 2 do Mangrove and got 1 dropping a big hardtail for the Amberjack.
Well, there was a lot good reports on the front about the mangrove, they here! They Huge! and
They Hungry! But after a few hooks lost and baits stolen and several very descriptive adjectives,
there efforts had resulted in nothing but MANGROVE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile there was a serious battle on a nice Amberjack on the back. Mike was a
pumping and a grunting determined to win and he did! But immediately
after, he had to set an take a break (seeing the lil fuzzy stuff). That’s when I had to go show the
Mangrove crew a pointer or two, boy it felt good a 10 lb Mangrove is one of the hardest hitting
an fighting fish I ever battled (lb for lb), They will pop 50lb test on the hook set. Long story short
40 nice Mangroves several over 8 lb, 2 Amberjack, 1 king, few triggers etc. Got a ride to shore
aboard the Whipasnapa.
The Dobson’s were in Friday, for lil inshore outing. Said if he could get one cobia about
40in. all he wanted. By 8:30 a.m. mission accomplished. Three cobia actually and yes one just
happened to be 40 inches. Now we had to get Mrs. Dobson on a few fish. So we run back to bay
were she put the hurt on some reds and Blackdrum. They took a lil of the cobia and a nice
Blackdrum over to Shaggy’s, let them cook it up. Said it was marvelous!! Thanks Shaggy!
Saturday, 5 guys imitating fishermen(just kidding) were in for a meat haul. And well
sometimes you pull up and holler fish get in the boat and next thing you know they start coming
over the side like magic. And sometimes well you have to work for um(work we did). I mean I
still learn every trip so your not going to know everything 1st time. But that’s part of my job and
I love it. They came a long ways in 7 hrs. and they did have a pretty good box of meat‐‐white
trout, black drum, reds, sharks. All fell to the 5 man meat drive crew.
Love it Thanks to all!!!
Moan down South Ms. jump on the Whipasnapa!! And let’s go put the (meat in the box)! Bay
full of red an black drum;;;;;;; Mangroves, Kings, and Cobia are thick offshore.
RED SNAPPER SEASON OCT 1 THRU NOV 23 so call book now;; booking fast…. from what I have
seen they or BIG, thick an hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel