March madness begins and the rains come down!!!!

What a deluge of rain water the Biloxi, Mississippi WhipaSnapa Charter boat had to deal with this week!! We went fishing mid week with a mix bag, had Chris from Belgium and Mr. Gerry from Chicago!! An it was bad, the weather that is. The water salinity was zero after the 12 inches of rain, an it was neap tide to boot. It was bad!!! 🙁
We caught 2 blue cats about 8lbs. the first 15 min’s then we went here, we went there, we went over yonder, and did not lose another shrimp. Unless it just died!! We had fun, the guys were very understanding and very comfortable and enjoyable to fish with. We had pretty good bag of our own slang’s with the Bayou, Chicago and Belgium which was entertaining by itself. We just enjoyed our boating time getting to know each other as we enjoyed a very nice day on the water.
So the next day all you can do is to try and find some of the areas where the fresh water is not so bad and hit a few different spots then you tried the day before. We did have moving water an I could tell it looked a lot better as we were running the stretch between Deer Island and the mainland. Well, what do you know first stop them smiles and bent rods were back! Yeah!!! Several sheep’s and black drum got us off on a bent rod an drag ripping pace!! We caught a few of each kind just moving down the casino’s. We started at the Beau, just dropping a live shrimp down beside the pilings that come up off the barges!!! We could only muster up the 2 species. No reds, specks, or flounders. The cold windy stuff returned for the weekend so just spent most of it at the prep table.
The salt water has returned quickly as of this morning the salinity was back at 15 ppt. So hey its fixen to get right. The fast action white trout, ground mullet, croakers, sharks, cobia and big ol bull reds out at the islands are just around the corner. Got a couple AJ trips coming up as well, if the weather will let us get out. Come on down ya’ll lets go get’m Bo’s an Babes!!

Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel