Mom goes fishing and a Back Bay light tackle EXTRAVAGANZA!

Well, been fishing a long time and had a chance to do something this week that I never done
before (unless I was to young to remember), my mom jumped aboard the WHIPASNAPA, said
she wanted to go fishing. She tells me right off “I’m not getting up to early!”, and “I’m not going
to be out in that sun to long!” and “I want to catch one of them big o’l fish that been seeing on
web‐site!” Boy; you talk about pressure!!!
Got about 3 hours out of her in which time all demands were accomplished! And she handled
that stick like a pro I tell ya! Caught fish on about every cast. She put the hurt on several trout,
drum and then come her o’l big fish like been seeing on web‐site. After about a 20 min smack
down performance, she was holding dat sucker up for her photo. She said hers was BIGGER than
all the others. Sure was mom!! Love Ya!
Mr. Mickey Leflore probably the Snapa’s most long time fishing partner, came in to town.
Mickey’s been fishing with the Snapa from the 1st year booking 3 or 4 yearly, but they have all
been offshore snapper trips. and was really looking forward to the TUNA trips this year. Capt. he
said I’ve never got to fish light tackle with ya, since the rest of my crew not going to make it for
the offshore trip and its closed anyway, lets leave the big poles at home and do some inshore
I love to eat fish and gal does to so guess better try to put some up. We did release a few
reds and black drum just to keep the good karma going. Tried to let him have all the fun, but I
finally had to jump in there! We boated 6 nice specks, 6 slot reds, NUMEROUS really nice white
trout, ground mullet, 25 or so black drum and as we were wrapping up our 5hr. Back Bay
Extravaganza we were short a flounder. All of a sudden a big flat fish was on hook approaching
the net an he got away(6 inches from the net) would have made a great day even greater.
Great time! Thanks so much to all! Hope to keep boating and catching!All this action is
happening just minutes from dock barely have time to even plane off. All fish are in an biting‐‐
specks, reds, spanish and more. An this light tackle stuff is really fun, just ask ol’ Mick. The oil is
getting close and scary, but hey it’s open North of Island chain for now so moan aboard. Let’s
Capt Robert McDaniel