More Madness and Cobia Happiness.

Them Cobia God’s have shined down on that darn WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT lately!
First off to make a long story short I lost most all them croakers that I worked my butt off
catching. So it hurt our overall a lil. Not so much Friday, had a pretty good bite, but did not catch
but maybe 1 or 2 fish on live bait. Saturday, it hurt us pretty good. Tank at house messed up and
cage in water did the same, lost over a 100 croakers and I was not very happy to say the least.
But I took care of that!! I promise!
I stole the show Friday;; figured I would catch a few large white trout and candy snapper for
a lil , while everyone was eating a bit for lunch. I was reeling in a white trout felt something
heavy eat it! Knew it didn’t feel like a shark, but I missed it the first time. Then I felt him hit it
again so something was telling me its a cobia so reached an got gaff ready and sure enough just
kind of slowly eased it up. The big Cobia surfaced with 2 more with it and I gaffed him and in
the boat he went (white trout in mouth). Boy, they really freaked out!!(55lber in the boat) Five
total, few Mangroves, Sharks, Kings, White trout couple candy snapper. Had some nice
Amberjack (had) just a few on 1 rig an they holding close(to the rig) must be some pretty good
ones cause we generally have lil better ratio. But as of now its fishermen 2 ajs 7 got to adjust….
Saturday, Mr. Don Ketner and pals Bruce, and John were in for a day trip. an We worked our
lil hinny off hard for about 25 mangroves. They hard to get sometimes very smart fish and a
challenge. Bout lunch time with crew fading a lil been kind of rough. Fishing was steady, but
hard. still without a ling in the box, figured that was our best option.Just had to find that lucky
rig and we didn’t look long. Second one was the honey hole must of been 10 and all heck broke
loose. All we could ice was 3.
Pretty good box 3 Cobia, 25 Mangroves, white trout(15 or so), 3 lane snapper, couple really
nice flounders also.
I’m gone get back out there, get back on that bait and getting ready for next time. Moan
join us. Great couple trips, Thanks for putting your trust in us!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel