More Ms. water open for Fish and Keep!!

Two short trips and finally got the sound opened back up so we can get in the combo deal.
Two or 3 hr light tackle and go out to the Island and play tug of war with the sharks, rays and
reds! And it felt good to get back out there.
Ryan Rousselo, from Brandon, returned with another fun crew for a WHIPASNAPA adventure
Sunday. A really strong tide in Bay was hurting us a lil to start with but did manage a few trout
and hooked a couple spanish mackeral and the wildly acrobatic lady fish, which is very fun on
light tackle. Probably as fun as any, boy they can really make um sing.
With Bay being a lil slow we decided to head on take a ride, first reef behind Deer Island was
the hot spot. And the large white trout really nice trout I mean really nice was hitting and it was
on. Ground mullet were hungry also. Before I knew it the bucket was runneth over. After a
couple hours of steady action, they had landed 70sh or so good eaters with another 25 or so we
used for bait. We left them hitting, they were ready for the Island run, turn on air for minute. (if
you know what I mean). We were just chumming for 10 min. or so and a couple of real nice
black tips and spinners were 1st. but managed to set theirself free. Landed several Atlantic sharp
nose and then the back breaking ray bout did um in, had to turn on the air again! So back to Bay
where current had slowed and finished up with a few nice black drum.
On the couple small trips we had a couple reds, black drum, few specks and white trout.
Looking for them to loosen the reins a lil bit more soon (open more). But I sure would like a
lil federal water! Let’s hope and pray!! Sure am itching to get on out there. Think the
Whipasnapa needs it too, where she can get aired out. If they do; should be good. There is no
report of any damage to any finfish.
So let’s go get’um
Capt Robert McDaniel