Nice Cobia (aka:ling‐lemon fish) invade South Ms. waters on their return migration!

Well cobia (ling‐lemon fish) would have to take top billing on this report. In 2 offshore trips just
15 to 20 miles behind Horn Island the new 29 ft. WHIPASNAPA CHARTERS boat caught over 25
cobia all between 20 to 40 lb. What a hoot! Also caught Dorado (aka‐dauphin‐Maui Maui), king
mackerel,lane snapper, flounder and white trout.
Try to go one other day and decided to turn around lil bit to rough. 1‐3 hr light tackle
inshore we did boat over 30 nice black drum, 6 or 8 over 10 lb the rest 2 to 6 lb good eating size,
an lots of fun. These cobia should be around another few weeks.
So lets go get’um
Capt E