O O!!! Here comes Isaac!!!!!

Time for the Biloxi, Ms. fishing charter boat WhipaSnapa to batten down the hatches. (I Guess) Stay Away Isaac!!!!!!. Got a lil free time, so thought I’d spread some scoop and share a lil predicted scoop!!
Fished the Carl Leggett Tournament earlier in the month, (always 1st Saturday of August) 3 day tournament. This one I reely enjoy!!! The 4 fish targeted offshore were Cobia, King Mackerel, Amberjack, and Mangrove Snapper. An of course I like to fish’m ALL!! It’s a fun tournament with lots of good local folks that go out an fish hard for 3 good days!!! And bring back lots of fish, fish stories, an Battle wounds! : )
We started out about 5 am Friday, heading east to the other end of Horn Island to get our strings stretched on some kings and cobia around the BIG Cargo ship that stagger the area just outside Horn Island. The first buoy we fished heading out the channel produced a nice keeper cobia and 4 smaller ones oh and a small cracked hull!!! Yeah dang ol’ rookie captain! 🙂 I tell ya the truth! Long story, but she ok I fixed her!!!
A few small kings, bonito, cobia and our hardtails, for A.J. bait, were boated by lunch, so we were off to tackle some Amberjack. (Reef Donkeys, Freight Trains, Semi’s). We were struggling a lil due to something (barracuda, large sharks or UFO) kept getting our tackle, after we hooked up they ate everything hook, line, swivel, lead, fish and all! We finally managed a limit with a couple respectable 60’s!!!
We came to scales with a 1st place mangrove 6lb, 1st place A.J. 63lb, an a 3rd place cobia 26lb a few respectable kings. Our reign atop did not last long cause in comes a 101lb A.J. and then a 120lb A.J. New St. Record an Congrats!!! (WOW)!!!! No need to fish them anymore think they got that MONEY. So the 3rd day we were strictly after some Mangrove Madness. An around lunch we finally got the Mangrove bite we had been wanting. The crew missed quite a few at first (I could hear the Madness) which is as fun to watch as it is to participate!!(not really) let me have a shot, BAM showed them rascals our 1st over 10lb fish 1st cast. Then ol pretty boy Jordan lucked him out a 10 then even ol No Catch’m Austin lucked him out a high 9lber!!! With a couple lil better than 10lb, and around 35 total Mangroves, an a Few 30lb Kings. About 3ish we throw in the towel and head to scales (they close at 5). We 60miles out avg. 30mph so no time for slacking. At 4:15 looking at ETA shows 4:45 so we ok. At 4:20 The God awfulest noise rings out off the Hindend. O O There goes our ETA! Dropped a lower unit:( Missed the scales by an hour. Rookie captain tell you the truth! Actually picked up some fishing line from 1 the Quatamulians fishing off the Cargo ships and released the oil an BAM BOOM BADALABING!!!! Had 3 really close St. records on black bar drum, cubbyu and a rock hind grouper. Thanks guys we gave it all we had,(as always) had a blast! We’ll get’um next year!
Took some guys out with Aqua Green up around Prentice, Ms. on a few brood stock cobia runs, which I might say was a lot of fun. We produced around 22 cobia in 3 days, that had to be kept alive and handled with care, so they could be accessed back at the lab .Thanks I do love them cobia!!! We caught a lot on light tackle as well which added to the excitement.
Mr. Martin Crump got him in another offshore trip as well. Tell you this Guy loves his Snapa. Several mangrove bit the bullet but the beast that were eating hook, line, swivel, lead,an fish were even worse this time!! Still managed a pretty healthy box. Thanks as always, a blast 4sure!
Inshore, well had a few e-mails about not posting any pictures lately. Ya’ll not catching anything??? Look we don’t take pictures every trip of every catch. Some catch an release, some just keep a few to take to local restaurants, some just By God don’t like their picture taken. Inshore an around the Island has been steady. August is one of the slower months with kids gettin back to school, hot, etc. Trout, ground mullet and red an black drum have been strong and steady Inshore. As Cobia, Shark, Mackerel, an Trout around the Island..
Hey ya’ll the best part of the year is still to come!!! Love the Fall in South Mississippi…Inshore will be the usual trout, flounder, drum, etc.. Island the Big Bull reds turn on with a steady catch of Shark an Cobia an Mackerel etc… Offshore the return Migration of LIng,Cobia, Lemon Fish is Hot as the Grouper turn on a steady catch of Mangrove an other snapper as well as Amberjack. Hope you will try some the recipes on our web-site as well. And Fill free to give us INPUT on anything that will help us better serve YOU!!! So load up get your Big ol butt on the Snapa (which is all you have to bring, cause we take care of all the rest)!!! Nobody wants you to catch good quality fish an enjoy your South MS. boating adventure more than I do! Rest Assured!!! Thanks an GOD BLESS YOU!!!

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel