Pinch Me! Very successful fishing continues!!

Early week had the Fossum family from Pocatello, ID. and they started the WHIPASNAPA
CHARTER BOAT (BILOXI,MS) off very strong. Was a catch and release trip which been running
quite a few of lately (that’s why the pictures have been down). But most decide to keep a few
when I tell them have a few places that will cook their catch for them. Been sending most to
Shaggy’s (Pass Christian) and they seem to be doing a fabulous job! Anyway the Fossum started
out with some hot action on some very nice ground mullet, white trout(2 at a time) bout as fast
as it hit the water. They were on and we were having a blast! After about 2hrs of that we went
to the Island where the sharks and big bull reds kept us very happily entertained with some drag
ripping runs and a few mad dashes around the boat for another couple hours.
The Hill and Hopp Crew from Cedar Rapids, Iowa had a blast on a 4hr light tackle excursion also
were flounder (couple really nice ones), reds, black drum, white trout, and ground mullet once
again made for some hot action. Even had 2 really nice SOW drum for a photo fish! Boy; people
can’t believe I use the big ol $3.50lb shrimp to feed to the fish, but hey whatever it takes to
catch quality fish for our guest. They took a good amount of them over to Shaggy’s for some
extremely fine eating!!!!!!!!!!
The Mikes,(Westmoreland from Virgina) and (Mong from Gulport) also did the 4hr light tackle
trip Sunday and about the same. A lot of hard battling reds, bet we had 10 between 16 & 18″
but only 1 over; a pile of puppy drum 4 to 5lb which fight and taste just as good. Really great
times, beautiful weather on a great boat with a good fish bite and good
companionship.WOW!!!!! PINCH ME!!!!!!
Times really wrapping up quickly for this fishtastic 2010 season. For the most part I am booked
the rest of the snapper days think have 1 Friday left. But a few of the trips or welcoming guest to
join so contact us and lets see if we can get you HOOKED UP::::all day offshore for 150 its worth
that all day long trust me::::
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel