Pull Up Reel Down!!! Not on Mangroves, Just hold spool (line) an run to back of boat!

Wow! What a great couple weeks (or year) that Biloxi, Ms. Charter Boat WhipaSnapa has been havin! Good Goggly Moggly!! WhipaSnapa Good Times…….

Sorry bout getten yall a week behind but dang Capt.(an boat) needs a day off every now and then.

A lil slower these last few trips especially on the snapper. Slower in as taking a lil longer to get’r done. But are still gettin’r did. Still getting lots of good quality fish just taking a wee bit longer and going a lil bit farther. Talk about some xtrem tug of wars. Literally, this is intense, cause you hook’em in front of boat an you hold everything an run to back of boat..If any drag (or line) comes off reel its pretty much OVA…Mangrove wins…Been avg. a good quality limit of red snapper (8 to 12) an avg bout (8-18lbs).30sh on Mangrove Snapper and I mean a solid 8lbers on avg. They are the ultimate tug of war’r. So if you catching 30, you probably losing at least half cause they going to test your quickness as well as your strength. And until they absolutely piss you off (are I do) they going to win. They also cheat..But what fun can be had, with one of the crafty, hard fighters attached to your Rod….His destination is the back side of that rig leg (not the WhipaSnapa) I promise ya….. When the current is running strong they are a bit more challenging because they do not like to get very far off rig. If bait (piece cut bait) want sink up close (to rig) they may not come out an get it. If chummed up and
the right bait is presented just right, they will push their luck.. and BAM1234567890–etc

But a great challenging fish and of course so is Mr. Red Snapper. Few kings and found some scamp grouper and lesser Amberjack that were a good challenge also. And very tastee. My that Scamp eats good. Finding some huge AJ’s for you that like that beast. Aug. 1 reopens our Amberjack seasons.

Inshore and Island trip have been loads of fun as well. Boy I had my work cut out on couple of these fo shur. Na Just messin ladies. Actually had crew from Poland with only 2 speakin English. Very exciting and entertaining trips. Absolutely loved. Loads of white trout, ground mullet the drums are consistent (reds and black).
Island producing sharks, bull red, cobia, specks, spanish etc..It’s on !!!

Hot! Hot! Hot! From Backwater to Bluewater! I’m on a Boat!!
Moan……ur invited….

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel