Red fish and Amberjack Top the Report out of Biloxi, MS

Had a group of young guys in from Ole Miss on Spring Break. The head honcho of this pack, likes
his string pulled regularly and frequents the Whipasnapa Charter Boat for the cure.
Well, I tell ya good thing they left theirself an extra day, which is a really good idea atleast in the
spring,even if just going inshore, cause Saturday was just howling(windy). Sunday, we did get to
the Island for a lil’ before the wind picked up really bad again.
Don’t know how many red fish we caught but it was alot. Got offshore Monday. Fairly strong
north wind, about 3 to 4 ft. seas suppose and that new boat trucked us right on out there all dry
and comfy.
There was a really strong current, I mean really strong, so couldn’t really do nothing on the
good eating little snapper, did get a couple candy’s and trigger, and had a couple of nice
We had a little trouble getting hardtails but once we did, amberjack madness was happening.
Everyone finally landed one (largest one was 46 rest all high 30’s) throwed back one a piece also.
Funny, them damn things will hurt ya!!!
Found some really nice red snapper, couple almost SOW’S! 20lb on that new Butterfly Jig, they
all shallow hardly any in the deep water.
Great time!
Capt Robert McDaniel