Red Snapper tug of war for keepseas!!!

Man what a great week aboard the Whipasnapa Charter Boat, out of Biloxi, Ms.. The weather and fishing has been absolutely remarkable. To put all them happy faces on so many people in one week is absolutely amazing. Thank the good Lords above!
Started out, Mrs. Sheila and boys had a slug feast with several drum, red and black and several other string pullers as well. Battled several ol Black drum then we went out to the Island chain just offshore for some great Bull Red action… Smiles all day!
Then 1st two days snapper fishing were both short days, but how sweet it was to start throwing some them big ol red snapper in the box. Them big pretty Red Snapper sure make the box look good! And the smile achieved by trying to pull one of the amazing fighters from the depths are priceless..
The fits and choice words that some anglers use as the beast breaks them off in the structure is priceless also. Hey as some of you know its takes some cheering, praying an yes some good ol team work, to accomplish the mission sometimes. Think I’ve had several anglers this week an in the past few that will tip their hat to the big snapper.(The SOW that is) 20lb snapper can put up one heck of an extreme battle of tug of war.
Getting the snapper turned and heading up for them first 25 ft or so is crucial.
Sometimes it just takes two anglers pulling up on rod and one reeling and the rest of the crew cheering and praying. But if lady luck is on your side, keepseas and smiles for sure!!! Most of the Snapper have been up top(first 30ft or so) so freelining a pork chop of poggie or a select lil live bait has produced most the hits an battles..
Several lil reds, black drum and really nice white trout and ground mullet continue to light up them smiles Inshore. Team Oxford got on one them WhipaSnapa Big Water Adventures Saturday and boxed about 25 super nice mangrove snapper, couple candy and a really nice limit of Red Snapper. Continues battles all day with slam gorgeous weather definitely had this crew lit up when we returned to the dock of the Bay…
Come on Down to S. Ms. look up the WhipaSnapa and let us share our love for that great Gulf Of Mexico with you… Thanks to all for an amazing week aboard the WhipaSnapa…

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel