Reds, Flounders, Black drum and more RAIN!!!

The Biloxi, Ms. Charter boat WhipaSnapa’s captain has really been getting wet lately! Guess that’s better then the blistering heat. Rain, didn’t think we were ever going to get any. Then lately down comes bout 14in. Been pretty lucky and fortunate to have the curtains and radar so we can run around’em or wait’em out.

The water was just starting to clear up from all the flood waters from the N. Now this flood, don’t guess we ever going to see any pretty water round here. Hasn’t hurt the fishing thou. We been very fortunate to have a very strong satisfaction rate..

Only 2 inshore’s to talk about this week and 2 rain outs…Chris Etheridge and friends fished end of the week on the lil inshore and really a pretty strong bite. Some very nice white trout, few reds some black drum a nice bonus flounder and etc… kept the guys bowed up pretty much the hole 4 hours. Good time guys, Thanks!

Mr. Billy Johnson and family, who includes one of my favorite lil fishermen, lil man with heart of gold. Actually the whole family are just very wonderful folks, which is the best part of what I do. Mr. Kameron just absolutely loves his WhipaSnapa and Capt Earl loves his Kameron. They all fish very well and great to spend the day with Kameron an Katie bug. They are 2 of the most well mannered, respectful youngens that I’ve ever been around,(great job team) they caught several drum, white trout, with a couple bonus flounders and a nice shark, that made the families day that much greater. Thanks ya’ll Great time for sure!

Moan Down get ya string pulled with us, we try very hard for you and have fun at it!

Thanks Everybody!!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel