Reds, Sheeps, and Blackdrum still biting strong!

While the winds were howling, for all last week. The Biloxi, Ms. Charter Boat WhipaSnapa still managed to get out an catchem up. Had a crew of great volunteers, no not from Tennessee, but from Illinois and Wisconsin still down here volunteering their time and hard work to rebuild this beautiful but yet still struggling South Mississippi Gulf Coast (from Katrina)! Thank You!!!! And God Bless Ya’ll!!!!! The wind was blowing some 30 mph and definitely not the best fishing conditions, but hey sometimes you just got to go! We just fished a couple hours, long enough for everyone to catch a nice fish or two. Except 1 nice lady that refused to let go of the handrails. Ha! Good time an I Thank Ya’ll very much!! Mr. Kenneth Riggs from Arkansas and a friend. Along with another trip mid‐week. Had bout the same, several puppydrum, sheepshead, with a few nice reds and a flounder. Although neither trip kept any fish, I did keep several an cleaned em up an give to some friends that just can’t make it out…. That’s why the pictures are down this week. But some great times are being had on the water.. Fishing pole in hand, smiles on face that’s the way we reel here in South Mississippi an on the WhipaSnapa. With everyday booked this week, an even a couple towards the weekend to get out and do a lil chumming for cobia, bull reds, and sharks. It’s really getting right. Put up well over a hundred croakers, that definitely gone put some good fish in da box!!! Load up; come on down to Biloxi, Mississippi jump aboard an get hooked! Bait shops are holding steady supply of live shrimp. That is really helping the cause. Great weather this week an a great forecast for the next 10 days. Thanks Ya’ll for a great week on the water, GOD willing many mo to come!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel