Sea trout: Dots are not?

Large numbers of the fast, steady and tasty, white trout(no dots), with a few large,
sporadic, and tasty speckle trout(dots) have been transported to their resting place.
Compliments of the WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT. Just not able to keep a good hit on them
specks. Few here. Few there. But the white trout are running real nice and very steady. If wasn’t
for a few dots, barely tell the difference.
Most trips lately have been fairly short 3 to 4 hours, 1 to 2 people. Did have a family newly
stationed at Keesler Air Force Base. Mr. Joe Palumbo brought his wife and two
whippersnappers, Jack and Charlie(3 and 5), for a family outing Saturday. And well the fish were
biting, a lil to fast for these 2 whippersnappers. Hurry up reel him in, throw pole down and off
to squirt more water, climb in a hole or flip a switch they found. Think they had a ball though.
Rain cut us a lil short.
Michael “Fish” Fouiner, long time fish partner of mine, called Sunday morning with an
alligator gar he caught while fishing the Bay Tournament under I‐110 bridge. Wanted to know if I
wanted it. Well, had a few people telling me it was pretty good to eat?! So I wanted to give a
whirl. Cleaning it was a lil tough but really not to bad!! The darn thing eats really good, better
than alligator for sure! This is a option for makin good trip anyone interested.
Anyway, lost a couple trips to weather and have booked a few for this week and phone
and web been pretty active with some future customers. Got a few chomping at bit to get
offshore, and think might get a lil opened up for long, they booking like they know something .
But, until then hear from a good source that a few cobia out by Islands. Mike “Fish” had 4
keepers, so hey Yesterday, is just that,gone! Tomorrow, is not promised and Today will be
yesterday and tomorrow before you know it. SO CALL TODAY LETS GO SEE WHAT CAN STANK
THE GREASE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all:
Don’t forget to get your scores in!!!! See discounts and specials! 300.00 dollars off any
trip. GOOD LUCK;;;;; Geaux Saints!
Capt Robert McDaniel