Sharks, Big Bull Reds, and Huge Black Drum!!!

Well, the winds kicked back up and challenged the Biloxi, Ms. Whipasnapa Charter Boat. But hey what’s life without challenges!!
Tuesday, Mr. Jeremy McGee my youngest an oldest charter friend was in for another great time. As always a pleasure to spend the day with. The guys caught several nice fish…..Jack Cravalle, shark, Black drum, Trout. etc…. With storms and high seas lurking offshore Mr. Brandon Leverett (A very loyal friend) an his crew for Friday the 13th was suppose to be a rig trip, but was diverted to a chumming trip on Horn Island Bar. Pretty quickly as we began gettin our chum on, we boxed a couple superb hard fighting bull reds. An the biggest ones (of course) out witted a couple of the anglers for freedom, and one red even jerked a pole overboard.. but hey can’t get’em all. The sharks moved in an entertained the crew for a few more hours till excessive chumming an rain started taken place and the house was a callin.
Saturday’s team started out boxing 25sh nice drag rippin black drum. Before we moved out to the cut between Horn an Ship Island where the sharks were very hungry and anxiously awaiting our lively croakers to hit the water to devour them. An the team was lovin every minute of that action….
Sunday’s crew started out again with a nice catch of black drum an a couple them nice trophy 30lbers. The Champs from Madison,Ms opted for some great tastin white trout action instead of the Island run. A lil slow, hit it during the tide change but they still managed to box about 25 nice white trout in bout an hours time.
All in all a darn good catch all week. Not sure where the ol’ black drum gets its bad reputation but hey, they fight as good as any, and taste is there too! Boy my friends have really enjoyed those BIG OL SOW Drum on light tackle. I have enjoyed watching an helping as well. Sharks are really eating everything up at the Islands right now, reds there too, but the sharks are just dominating. Few flounders,several ground mullet, with several more black drum an White trout the last couple days. Thanks To All For the absolute greatest of times…..
So come on down jump in the ol’ Whipasnapa… We will treat you right!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel