Sheepshead and slam gorgeous weather!!!

Sheepshead dominate the Biloxi Ms. Charter Boat WhipaSnapa report this week. Been blessed to have entertained folks from just about every state this week. Seriously!! Several return friends, which we are always happy to see.. While fishing started out pretty good, beginning of the week, a few smaller reds, some sheeps an a few small puppydrum, really no big or large number catches but 8 to 10 decent fish per trip. All just the 3 or 4 hour light tackle which when the bite is slow is kind of tough to produce a great box. Some ground mullet and white trout throwed in as well. Which or fixen to heat up even more next couple weeks… But late week I did struggle. I’m not one to make a bunch of excuses but… I just wasn’t in the right spot at the right time evidently. The Back Bay is a really great place to fish, but it is vulnerable to big rains, saltwater fish run from fresh water. I did go on the hunt just took a couple days to relocate.. I am Human, just had to get out of the Bay cause first day out to the Barrier Island we hammered the Big Sheeps. And they are still pretty consistent today, lot of people don’t know bout the sheepshead but they are a lot of fun on the end of the light tackle spin cast, and eat just fine also. Most have been averaging 4 to 6lb.. Lil peculiar sometimes but patience will usually prevail and of course the right bait helps. With all the rain a week or so ago the bait shops were failing to catch any live shrimp..which did hurt the catches also.. But we improvised an found a even deadlier bait… Absolutely beautiful weather this week and some really great folks were on board the WhipaSnapa Charter Boat for some great boating adventures. I THANK YA’LL>>>>> I apologize to the couple trips that put their faith in me an I failed… When I struggled it really bothers me… Please give us another try it does not happen often!!?? The bite is back on in the bay now though…. Starting to see some mackerel and bluefish chasing baits out at the Island also, with a lot of rays, and for all the shark lovers seen one them today also, moan in here and lets jump aboard the ol WhipaSnapa an lets boat….
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel