Smiles to tears along the Gulf Coast!

Offshore fishing is closed for now but inshore fishing is still open and doing great
Started out Tuesday with Mr. Chet Bigon an Nicki, who had an order for some sharks and a
ling. And the WHIPASNAPA likes it when a plan comes together. Weather was against us starting
out, the wind howling out of the northwest, so we went down the back side of Horn Island and
got behind the trees where it was not to bad once the sun finally came out!
First battle was one of them drag ripping rays, boy I tell ya, I was steadily tightening Chets
drag and that son of a gun, was steadily leaving the scene and I mean leaving fast! And after a
short but fierce battle the hook suddenly came out. After a few min o’l Chet said “I’m really glad
that happened hun?” Yeap! Next was a couple black tips and spinners, then the reds and last but
not least came the ling about 25lb.
Wednesday, nothing but sharks, all shapes and sizes, man they ate us up. Made for some
intense battles, and was what we they were looking for. Hadn’t seen to many till then but they
were thick.
Thursday was going to be a lil scouting trip for the 3 day tournament with Mr. Jimmy Davis
exterior trim I mean drum specialist. But the winds were up again, so we just stayed in the Bay,
and did battle with some nice black drum, ground mullet and white trout.
Then the bad news…the 3 day Gorenflo Cobia Tournament was cancelled do to weather!
First time since I been fishing (1993)that they cancelled, and I’m sure everyone’s heard what
happens next……
Just terrible, I’m really scared this might be, well lets hope not. Come on; someone get this
thing shut down! PLEASE AND HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love what I do and the thought of not being able to do it for some time makes me tear up.

Let’s keep all the Gulf Coast in our thoughts and
prayers !!!!!!!!!!!
Capt Robert McDaniel