Snapper Madness Rolling Along!!!

Man what some good times we been having on the Gulf of Mexico aboard that Biloxi, Ms. Charter boat WhipaSnapa!!! Thank the good Lord above!!!!

Mr. Jeff Black and friends joined the WhipaSnapa for a lil combo trip early week. An this trip was a lil slow, but we did manage to pull out some pretty good fish. Few nice black drum several white trout on the inshore. And on the Island, chummin was a lil slow (for chummin). The guys managed to get some good shark action, couple silky shark, which as far as I know, is a first aboard the WhipaSnapa!! They also managed a real a nice bull red and a nice blacktip for the box.

Mr. Cordell and Robert from Birmingham, had the snapper trip mid week. A lil rough seas, and one thing lead to another and we were home with a limit of snapper and dozen mangroves and a few good shark stories. My goodness that lil area was infested!!! Some nice snapper thou and good times for shur.

Mr. David Noble and family also did the snapper trip this week. With lil better seas and one thing lead to another an we were back swimming at Horn Island by noon! With a absolutely gorgeous box of snapper (red and mangroves). Soon as we pulled up to the rig this crew was seriously in hot pursuit of some snapper madness.

In a 3 hour period I’m not sure what all come over the sides of that WhipaSnapa, but every time I looked up two peeps was bowed up and shortly there after was delivering something (with a smile), a fine red or gray snapper usually. They were letting the snapper madness roll. Mangroves were eatin an so was everything else. Didn matter much what hit the water. It got eatin..Some serious battles took place for a solid 3 hrs. sure looked like fun. Good job team!!!

Moan: not much time left to get them snapper. Still filling a few seats in July on couple trips if interested contact us. Be surprised what a couple hundred a getya…

Thanks Ya”ll!!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel