Special fish delivery from above!

South Mississippi weather has been FISHTASTIC! Could not ask for greater weather, smoother
water or a stronger bite in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Millers,Hicks, and several other great new friends came aboard THE WHIPASNAPA
CHARTER BOAT for some Boating, fishing. Which with us make memories to last a life time.
A really strong bite Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Hit several nice white trout, ground
mullet, red and black drum, gaff tops, a few flounders, speck, and a (bat ray on light tackle in the
Bay that was a first). But Mr. Miller dominated the fish in a mer 15 min. The trout seemed to be
hitting the double tipped jigs bounced pretty quickly across the bottom. And man when they hit
you better have a good grip on the pole.(2 at the time) WHOOO HOOOOO
Wednesday, Mr. Perkins (Columbus Ms.) was in for a day all to himself, aboard the
WhipaSnapa. I say to himself but trust me,he was not alone, he had something very special with
him. We had some just extraordinary fish delivered to us. WOW!! WHAT A BLESSED DAY;;
Friday, started at 9:30 and the bite started out pretty strong till 11:30 then we struggled but
kept fishing hard and managed a few more nice red and black drum.
Saturday, was also a 9:30 start but we didn’t even get 2hrs worth just no bite. (at least not the
9:30 to 1 window we fished) sorry guys!! The hardheads croakers and few trout and ground
mullet at least got us the basics in so we’ll be ready for next time… I know 2 less then standard
days 2 weeks in a row;But really the offshore wasn’t, all that bad… and really neither was this
Sunday, was one of the most fishtastic of them all‐‐One them days just couldn’t draw up any
better. Had some great teenagers, a great grampa and couple of middle age ol goats and we had
us a tug of war (FIASCO)!!! Lost a few battles prob the biggest of course, but a really nice limit of
snapper,(mini sows close to 20lb).. few mangrove, candy, king, a cobia, and a lot more, kept us
all entertained. You just can’t help not to cheer a person on when he got one them SOWS
hooked up. (and they need all the help they can get)
The forecast for the week is 1 foot seas ALL WEEK!! So let’s do the darn thang!! Anybody care to
go FISHING, GET ON THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel