Spring break starts and it’s hot!!! 3-23-15

pretty sightsMother Nature and Whipasnapa Charters has welcomed many spring breakers to South Mississippi..Love being on the water daily and seeing people enjoy themselves.. Record high temperatures awaited the coast visitors this year.. Plenty of sunshine, calm winds along with good tides. Just what this old captain likes..A good flushing rain early March ran a lot of fish out of the rivers back down to the bays. Spots where the ol Whipasnapa could get to Them.. That’s just what we been doing too!! Folks from North Carolina, Iowa, Chicago, Mississippi and who knows where has put together some pretty good messes!! a few catch and release, some keeping just a few for the local eateries to prepare.. As the water temperatures have warmed to 70 degrees, it brings all the fish like white trout, ground mullet, flounder,slabs up croakers, speckle trout, shark, and a whole lot more out of hiding… As the long winters make them ready to eat up, when they start showing up..As most are going into their spawning season…
Around the bridges have been strong on the drums(red & black), a few speck and several flounders as well!!! The reefs have started producing good numbers along with nice size ground mullet, white trout and croakers… We finally started adventuring offshore a lil too!! The big bull reds, small sharks and sting rays have been consistent on the chumming trips just south of the barrier islands!!! Fresh dead shrimp has been bait of choice for most of the inshore fish with a few of the flounder and reds hitting live shrimp… Live shrimp have been pretty plentiful but with all the rains have probably run off the white 2reds and 1smileshrimp so might be a couple weeks before the brown shrimp show up!! Live croakers white trout ground mullet have been the the ticket on the chumming trips!!!
Still waiting on the 1st cobia aka–lemon fish and some of the bigger black tips and spinner sharks to show but if the weather stays close to what it’s been it won’t be much longer!! I’m still chomping at the bit to get offshore to the oil rigs as well.
Can’t believe it is mid March and still haven’t made it to the oil rigs yet!! I lost a few chances due to weather, and have a couple lined up this week so just maybe it will happen soon and I can cure this extreme itch to get out yonder to them sure nuff biguns!!! Amberjacks, grouper, mangroves, mackerel, etc… All those fast paced, hard fighting, great eating fish have surely got to be missing me and starving to death.. I’m definitely ready to get those great games of tug of crabs and shrimp readywar going and holler “Pull Up Reel Down”!!!!
Any way folks I’ll report back in a couple weeks with a good cobia report about what’s going out in the blue water as well but for now you should probably call ol Captain Robert “Earl” McDaniel of the Biloxi, Ms based charter boat Whipasnapa and get on the boat!!!! Peace and tight lines