Spring Breakers take mixed bag on the Gulf Coast!

The Islands were HOT! this week. Horn Island with the ground mullet, Ship Island for the
reds,Deer Island with the white trout and Back Bay for the sheepsheads and more reds!
March madness has been in full strut aboard the Whipasnapa, fished everyday this week.
Fishing heating up, can’t say the same about the weather?!
The ground mullet are a little small but tasty and plenty of them, glad they finally showing up.
White trout at Deer Island, about the same as mullet, small but good. Quite a few reds in Bay, 18
to 22in range, which is the good eating ones with the sheepsheads. Large reds at Ship Island has
been consistent in the shallows.
Had two trips with the young anglers, the ground mullet and white trout got them going.
Fishing good so lets get them kids on the boat. Not many picture fish this week, lost 2 really nice
black drum in Bay that almost got their picture taken.
Got another week to take advantage of the March Madness special, the reds should hang in
at Ship Island with a consistent bag of white trout and ground mullet
Capt Robert McDaniel
Whipasnapa Charters