Squeezing out a mess, under not so ideal fishing conditions!!!

Dang that WhipaSnapa Charter boat has had to work hard. I mean hard, for that mess of fish lately!! But when it’s all said an done we did get’er done. Well, except for that 1 where someone in the boat was not on Mother Natures good side!! Caused the WhipaSnapa a ride on her wild side. Hail, waterspouts, lighting, gail force winds, you name it she throwed it at us . We run one way and here she comes, we runanother an here she comes and so on till she caught us! Sorry guys!!!! Even on that WhipaSnapa Big Water Adventure, we did get 8 or so Mangroves, several nice Red Snapper some big sharks an few big White trout that didn’t get eat by the sharks…. But sometimes you just got to get in survival mode and try to get everyone home safely.

Mr. Joe Lee and Mr. Fred Adams from Grenada,Ms. did the lil morning light tackle Island combo. Had several reds and black drum and some pretty nice trout fell victim to the duo. Especially as they got the rust knocked off..

Mr. David Gattis and crew of 6 from Georgia did the same trip. Bout the same for them, they did have a real nice bonus COBIA out on the Horn Island bar! Some huge rays wore their behinds out as well!! Mr. David Whitman an crew of 6 did the Deep Water Adventure. The currents are still just ridiculous out there. Had to put 2lbs of lead on lines (in the bluewater) which is still not very blue and use small baits, to even get a strike. Strong currents and that dang west wind which I hate has hampered the great numbers offshore. But still squeezing out a good mess..an several catches of a lifetime, sometimes quality is as good as numbers… AJ, Kings, Mangroves and a lil candy took the ride home compliments ol’ Snapa . Had some gorgeous Red Snapper that kept the friends of Alabama/Auburn or should I say Auburn/Alabama smiling for a Fishtastic day on the water.

Talking bout doing a Fall Snapper Season, so get ready. Water is starting to look pretty good. Except the Bluewater still isn’t blue but getting better.

Moan down and see what you can get into on one of our great boating adventures..!!

God Bless

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel