Strong Fish Bite + Beautiful Sky’s = Smiles Galore!

The Butcher family, from Iowa, started off a fine week of fishing on THE WHIPASNAPA
CHARTER BOAT. Beautiful weather and strong fish bite, makes everyone happy! Really nice
trout, drum (red and black), ground mullet, really bit strong all week.
Mr. Bob Behling, did a lil solo light tackle with us that was a very enjoyable day on the water
Two offshores Saturday and Sunday, were just a lil rough! Saturday a crew of Rebels(as in Ole
Miss), were in and seas lil rough but fishable, several kings, cobia, red snapper, mangrove, candy
snapper, blues, sharks triggers kept the guys and gals bowed up pretty steady all day. Lots of
fun, think the gals put it on the guys.
You know last couple weeks we had a few fish breaking 80lb test line. So I put some 130lb on
couple 6** reels, with 200lb leader and returned for a rematch! And guess what we still didn’t
land whatever it is. Had 3 up and almost to the boat and just ripped out. Boy, you talking bout
Sunday, well let’s just say it was very rough! But, Mr. Lambert had come in May and had to
release a pile of red snapper and he wanted to take some back this time so we eased out best
we could, in 5 to 7′ seas. And the rigs in the one area that we bucked out to were just infested
with sharks I mean they eat anything that moved in the water, our bait or other fish we hooked
and tryed to get in. So as bad as we hated it we had to buck a little bit further. And there we
could have filled two boats with some fine snapper all 12 to 16lbs range, and all on chunk bait
up top(free lining). But that was it no bonus fish. Seen one cobia but didn’t boat.
Thanks for all the great times!!! Got open spots to fill this weekend:;;
Fishin in October is fishtastic! So moan down South Mississippi and jump in the Whipasnapa
Charter Boat! We’ll make you famous!!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel