The 2010 Red Snapper Season

Who da thounck it: Friday 12:01 A.M. starts the 2010 Red Snapper Season!!!The WhipaSnapa
Charter Boat is (locked and loaded). This is our passion Whip A Snapa!!! been checking on um
while out doing the mangrove and cobia thing and tell ya its gone be good. If we can keep some
good weather in here for a lil while longer. I’m very excited!! Didn’t really think I would see it
this yr. Folks have been catching plenty fish but they still hate to throw that big ol’ SOW snapper
So come Friday, keepsea’s!! Plenty cobia and pretty consistent on the mangrove snapper, lane
snapper, huge white trout, and a few real nice amberjacks but only one fisherman lately (man
enough?) to haul them up!
Mr. Tom Dean from Georgia, brought a crew for our only offshore trip this week good fun‐‐2
cobia, 30 mangroves, couple candy, etc…. on a 6hr trip. Got a really nice 30lb cobia on shear
accident. Was funny come fish with me I’ll tell ya bout it!!
Mr. Steve Wielding did reel well (Wed), but he had to fish hard. Bite was lil slow. Think he said
it was 45 fish day. Not much of a counter myself.(unless getting close to a limit of something). a
few, white trout, drum(black and red), ground mullett on a lil 3 hr adventure. Rain got us Sun.
Nothing special(no picture fish!) Great times. Thanks to all!! Got a spot are two available on a
few trips so if interested. Snapper‐$200.00 per person maybe less. A couple inshore $150.00.
Generally maybe less.
I’m gone try to fish all 23 days of the snapper season now the time to come check us out.
You won’t regret it!!!! I know some of you torn between hunting and fishing and well all I can
say, need to squeeze a 2010 Snapper Trip in. Them suckers taste good around the hunting
camp. So does black drum and reds and trout and some ground mullet. Great Deals on some
nice shrimp also>
Love it want some more of it!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel