The Back Bay Light Tackle been on FIRE!!!

Fun times for sure down here in South Ms. aboard the Whipasnapa Charter Boat. Just something special to see them smiles light up on people faces when that pole bows over an the drag goes to ripping makin that o so sweet music. : ) Then their prize catch surfaces, goes into the net and is brought boat side. Pictures and high fives follow with a smile the hole time, not sure what it is but it has the same affect on everyone. Even from the ones watching…….
The big sheepshead has dominated the catches, but fun they are! Excellent table fare as well. Potato crusted they are just awesome. Several hard fighting reds and black drum have pulled the strings and created those fabulous smiles we love! A few flounders and trout have also been pulling the strings but them dang sheepshead have been averaging 6-10 lb. and man you talking bout some scrappers. : ) They play a heck of a game of tug of war. Bait shops have had several live shrimp which is the ticket for the sheeps. Prob bout the last report an keep in mind we are still fishing an will continue to post a few picts.

But like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for all the support as we have had a fabulous yr. considering last yr. we thought our lively hood was destroyed. Really just see very little effects from the oil. Fishing was great all yr. The Red Snapper were awesome, as well the Mangrove Snapper. Many huge Amberjack were fought as well. Inshore was just Great as well. But anyway thanks again an from the WhipaSnapa family to yours hope everyone has a safe an blessed holiday season as we hope to see you next yr.

So moan lets go getem

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel