THE Gulf is the place to be!!

Mr. Chet Bigon and Jason got us off to a strong start. In from Texas, the guys boarded the
THE WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT and after our lil crisp but pleasant ride across the beautiful
waters. IT WAS ON! They wasn’t keeping no fish but they was sure catching! Loads of
snapper,(the practically extinct red snapper or so they say) couple nice cobia, kings and several
other GREAT fighting fish kept the fellows bowed up and under pressure most of the day. Most
all fish caught just free lining baits (DEAD OR ALIVE) Good weather, good fish bite, The Gulf is
the place to be!!
Went hunting for a couple of days and with very lil movement, decided the Gulf is the place
to be! Mr. Don Clark from Ca. brought his daughter (an great lil fisherwomen) in for a short lil
light tackle trip Friday. Great trip!! They were also doing catch and release. Ms Amber Clark was
cramping and hurting (from catching so many fish) yet still smiling. Think mostly cause she was
putting it on dad. At the end cramps and all, she was still anxiously awaiting her pole to be
baited an back in the water for more. She caught ā€flounder, sheepshead, trout, croakers, cats,
and some great drum action wrapped us up! All fish caught on them fresh dead shrimp or cut
Had couple locals in for lil meat drive on Saturday. And yes, the Gulf is the place to be!! Limit
of really nice red snapper, some nice mangroves, (finally) sharks, kings, and cobia, made for a
pretty steady blast!!
So load up and let that Darn WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT, take you on your Gulf of Mexico
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel