This weekend Wrapped up the 2011 Red Snapper Season!!!!

An what a greatly blessed 2011 Red Snapper season it was aboard the Biloxi, Ms. Charter Boat WhipaSnapa. A solid limit of Red Snapper caught a ride home aboard the WhipaSnapa each trip, maybe one short (1 time)…Lots of great joy was had with the beautifully Red great tastin battle’r. When they take your bait (that you have presented) their destination is not the WhipaSnapa.. (enough said)..most all trips were able to keep at least a limit of 8lb an above Red Snapper. The sister Snapper Ms. Mangrove Snapper, sure brought some great memories as well, not so muchsmiles, well guess after the catch, but if ya smiling during this battle you might need to get lil more serious are you probably going to lose. Trust me when they eat (they not wanting to ride in on that WhipaSnapa also)… I’m sure the smiles are continuing around the table as they do make wonderful eats…Cobia, Kings, Sharks, (an more sharks at times),etc. kept the smiles on our great friends all day long.
Man that trip across the Gulf of Mexico, aboard the WhipaSnapa, them predawn through sunrise hours are just very tranquil, what a great 1 an a half hour boat ride..Specially when we had mostly flat seas, good as it gets! You just look around an everyone in the boat is smiling away.. (love it)…An to share it, and the whole adventure with such wonderful friends is a wonderful blessing. Thanks to all of you, the man above and mother nature for making it so dang wonderful.
Fished the Raymond Schankin Memorial Tournament this weekend and took several great friends out, that experienced the whole Snapa Adventure for the 1st time and think each and everyone was thoroughly impressed. Great job by the way, we didn’t win but they knew who we were! Actually biggest fish in tournament 1st day was Holly Schankin with a almost 18lber that she did a really great job of taming the beast. Her an Ms. Ashleigh Stokes dealt with several fine Snapper for one great memorable day aboard the WhipaSnapa..Ms. Stefanie Wynn held lead the 2nd day with a almost 20lber also caught on the WhipaSnapa but got bumped just before scales closed with a couple good fish 27 an 22.. but she was a great team player, she managed both days an did job of 5 people.. Thanks to all TEAM WHIPASNAPA’S was a pleasure…

The Witherbys enjoyed the inshore trip this week an this was a really cool trip love taking the lil ones.. They hammered fish for a solid 4 hrs… White tout, Ground mullet, croaker, then several nice drum wrapped us up… an think they were cramping up at the end…

Thanks again everyone….. Amberjack opens August 1 an the inshore an island is sure to stay fishy also…so moan an get ya some…..

Thanks again folks!! We waiting on ya! Come on board!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel