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                          Welcome here is a listing of our best Biloxi charter fishing trips and prices. 

All Fishing Trips are Available Year-Round

All you will need on your fishing trip aboard the Whipasnapa is small cooler for your food and drinks. All licenses and tackle are provided in the price.

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                     ***AND FOR WHAT’S BITING***



10% Military Discounts on all Full Price Trip (no other discounts apply)


                   *PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE FISH CLEANING                             


Tips Are Always Appreciated!!



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                                                      INSHORE (BAYS AND NEAR SHORE)

2 HOUR TRIP                                   4 HOUR   TRIP                                        6 HOUR TRIP

1 PERSON-$175                           1 PERSON-$275                                   1 PERSON-$475                                     

2 PERSON-$200                           2 PERSON-$300                                   2 PERSON-$500                                 

3 PERSON-$250                           3 PERSON-$350                                   3 PERSON-$525                                     

4 PERSON-$275                           4 PERSON-$400                                   4 PERSON-$550

5 PERSON-$300                           5 PERSON-$450                                   5 PERSON-$600

6 PERSON-$325                           6 PERSON-$500                                   6 PERSON-$650 



This is a 1-6 person Biloxi Back Bay Charter fishing trip. We will be inshore fishing anywhere between 1-10 miles through Biloxi Bay and near Biloxi shoreline. All light tackle spin casting live or dead shrimp, menhaden, ect…   A good year round fishing trip, for beginners or experienced as the waters in the Biloxi Bay are calm with plenty of structures–bridges, piers and islands which hold many good fish. Fish you may catch–red fish, trout, black drum, sheepshead, ground mullet,flounder, etc…

Great year round trip 

**All you need for this trip is small cooler with  your food and drink. All license, fees and tackle are included in price.



                                                         Inshore/Offshore Island Combo

 4 HOUR TRIP                                          6 HOUR  TRIP                                     8 HOUR  TRIP                     

1 PERSON-$500                                    1 PERSON-$550                               1 PERSON-$675

2 PERSON-$525                                    2 PERSON-$575                               2 PERSON-$700

3 PERSON-$550                                    3 PERSON-$600                              3 PERSON-$750

4 PERSON-$575                                    4 PERSON-$650                               4 PERSON-$800

5 PERSON-$625                                     5 PERSON-$700                              5 PERSON-$850

6 PERSON-$675                                     6 PERSON-$750                              6 PERSON-$900 



This is a combination, 1-6 person, Biloxi Bay near shore water and Mississippi sound deep sea fishing trip. This trip really heats up mid-March as the vernal equinox pulls warm water from way down south into the area where very large schools of big fish invade the Gulf Coast to spawn and eat.  We will travel between 1-20 miles. Starting near shore ( Biloxi Back Bay) catching red fish, trout,black drum, ground mullet and flounder whatever is biting at the time. Then we will make our way OffShore (20 min) to fish the Barrier Islands-Ship Island and/or Horn Island. Fish you may catch– around the barrier island would be– sharks, cobia, sting rays, bull reds, king and spanish mackeral etc….Another great trip for beginners and experienced. We (do not) troll unless requested.

This trip works best March-November


**All you need for this trip is small cooler for your food and drink. All license, fees and tackle are included in price



                                                                            Offshore Rig Wreck Trip 

6 HOUR TRIP                                                                                                            9 HOUR TRIP

            1 PERSON-$675                                                                                                      1 PERSON-$875

           2 PERSON-$700                                                                                                       2 PERSON-$900

          3 PERSON-$750                                                                                                        3 PERSON-$950

         4 PERSON-$800                                                                                                          4 PERSON-$1,000

         5 PERSON-$900                                                                                                          5 PERSON-$1,100

        6 PERSON-$1,000                                                                                                      6 PERSON-$1,200

                                                **DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR THESE TRIPS**


 This trip requires muscle, grit and determination.  We will travel anywhere between 40-70 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. Fish you may catch cobia,grouper, trigger fish,king mackeral (snappers) lane ,white, vermilion, mangrove, red snapper (seasonal), amberjack (seasonal), etc… This trip is for the more experienced fisherman with some seamanship, as we will be traveling in the open Gulf of Mexico.

Red Snapper Season usually starts June 1

Amberjack closes June and July


**All you need for this trip is small cooler for your food and drink. All license, fees and tackle are included in price



                                                                                         Tuna Trips

                                                               12 HOURS APPROXIMATELY

4 PERSON-$1,500

5 PERSON-$1,650

6 PERSON-$1,800



This trip begins some 80-100 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. As with the rig trip Tuna is an endurance test! All blue water trip catching  wahoo, black fin and yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, groupers and snappers (seasonal)

We have many other exotic trips available that focus on specific species such as alligator gar, tarpon, and flounder. In addition we also cater to those who want to experience crabbing, boat camping, site seeing, nature photography, island adventures.

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